WWE Raw is always full of surprises, twists, and turns, with wrestlers turning heel or face in a split second. All of this makes WWE Raw an unexpected weekly show that always has something for the wrestling fans. You came to the right place if you missed the WWE Raw Monday show that aired on April 9, 2022.

Randy Orton and Riddle Go Against the Street Profits

There is no doubt that RK-Bro, which consists of Randy Orton and Riddle, is one of the most entertaining tag teams we have ever seen for a long while on WWE. On Monday, they went up against The Street Profits in a Raw Tag Team Title Match. They were able to defeat The Street Profits, and they made a bold announcement. They said that they are going to confront the SmackDown tag team champions this Friday and demand a title showdown. Therefore, everyone will be waiting for this confrontation this Friday as RK-Bro faces off against the Usos.

The Street Profits were able to earn their shot at the title by defeating RK-Bro on RAW a few weeks ago. On the other hand, it was RK-Bro that ultimately stood tall and kept the title. The match ended when Randy Orton hit the RKO out of nowhere on Ford as he was leaping from the top rope, which put him down for the 1-2-3.

Rhea Ripley Becomes a Member of The Judgment Day Stable

Rhea Ripley has already shown her allegiance to Edge by helping him defeat AJ Styles during the Backlash PPV. Therefore, on Monday Night Raw, Edge, the Rated R Superstar, and Damien Priest welcomed the Eradicator into the fold, as she claims her place as a member of The Judgment Day. The dark trio gave an outstanding promo in the ring, and Rhea made it clear that Edge was the reason she broke her partnership with Liv Morgan.

After arming herself with her new dark persona on WWE Raw, she made her former friend, Liv Morgan, tap out with her magnificent Inverted Cloverleaf move. After she tapped out, Edge gave Rhea the nod, and she reapplied the submission move again, which put Live Morgan in devastating pain.

Bobby Lashley Seeks Vengeance on MVP

MVP has helped Omos claim victory over Bobby Lashley at the Wrestlemania Backlash event. Therefore on WWE Raw this Monday, the Nigerian Giant, along with MVP, was celebrating the win in the VIP Lounge. Cedric Alexander also joined in, trying to latch on to the success, but things quickly took a left turn. That happened when Lashley ripped through MVP’s security and knocked Omos out of the ring with a devastating clothesline. Alexander jumped in to stop the massacre, which helped MVP escape, but Alexander had to suffer the full weight of the Hurt Lock by Lashley as a result.

Kevin Owens and Ezekiel is Always a Crowd Pleaser

Kevin Owens wanted to call out Ezekiel’s bluff and dressed as his older brother, Ken Owens, to make a point. He stepped into the ring with Ezekiel (Elias) and wanted to show him how stupid his claim was. The crowd supported the Zeke as usual. All hell broke loose as Kevin and the Alpha Academy emerged, and it turned into a brutal three-on-one where Ezekiel was able to hold his own.

The American Nightmare Defeats Theory in the US Title Match

Cody Rhode, right after his great victory over Seth Rollins during Wrestlemania Backlash, he was able to defeat Theory for the US Championship. It wasn’t an easy thing to achieve because. In the last moment of the high-stakes match, Seth Freaking Rollins came and attacked Cody Rhodes and brought an end to the match by disqualification. The un-hinged Seth Rollings continued with his brutal assault, and he put Cody through the announcing table.

These were only a few of the entertaining highlights of WWE Raw on April 9. Other matches included VeerMahaan defeating Frank Lowmen and Finn Balor defeating Damian Priest by Disqualification.