A woman was found dangling by her shoelaces on Tuesday night after she had attempted to force entry into the White House by jumping over the large metal fence. When confronted she explained to police that her only intentions were to speak with President Donald Trump.

The Secret Service had observed the woman before she attempted to gain access, as she paced around the facility and looked to be examining the building. It was later found that she attempted to jump it on the south side when she felt she was in the clear, only to get stuck.

Her shoelaces had caught on the security features positioned at the top of the fence. This information was provided through a police report that was written up when she was found. The woman was suspended in the air until help arrived, laying against the inside part of the fence.

Marci Wahl, 38, did not have any weapons on her which lead those involved to believe her story that she was actually just trying to speak with the president. She was arrested and was then transported by police to the local police department. She was offered medical treatment but refused. It is unknown at this time whether or not she had an attorney.

Police found that Wahl had a map of the White House on her person so that she would be able to find the office of President Trump. She did not have any criminal history or reason to believe that she was an actual danger. She was given charges of unlawful entry and was interviewed by agents, and she will appear in court on Wednesday for her arraignment on these charges.