Wikileaks has just released another huge round of leaks pertaining to actions taken by the United States government. This leak is the first in a series titled as “Vault 7”, which pertains to hacking and cyber intelligence operations taken by the Central Intelligence Agency. This is the largest classified publication leak released yet.

These documents point towards “Year Zero”, which shows some of the scope and details of the CIA’s hacking program that has been under wraps for years. This program involves the usage of malware and hacking programs in order to spy on people through consumer products such as Smart TVs, computers, cameras, microphones, etc.

It has been revealed that the products used in the program come from a variety of cooperations. It includes Apple iPhones, Windows operating systems , Google’s Android services, Samsung Smart televisions, and many other products. The program makes use of cameras and microphones that are attached to these products in order to spy on people without them even knowing that their devices are turned on.

It seems that the company’s products who are used may not directly know about the spying malware that has been installed on their systems. CIA operatives have infiltrated these companies as workers and have installed these services behind closed doors.

The CIA has recently lost control of their hacking arsenal that ranges from malware to trojans. This large collection is thousands of different viruses with literally millions of lines of codes. The code used to run these hacking services contains more code than the entire Facebook platform.

It appears that the hacking services were leaked to Wikileaks by an anonymous source that worked for the CIA that had been given access to the documents despite not having the proper security clearance.