Donald Trump has gained a lot of attention from across the globe due to his controversial policies and flaws, including from one of the United States closest allies the United Kingdom. Critics from the UK are now demanding that their government refuse to meet with Trump in future planned state visits coming up. They are doing this through a petition that has been started that is gaining a lot of momentum.

Petitions in the United Kingdom need to reach 100,000 signatures in order to be taken seriously, and once they hit that threshold they must be argued in Parliament. This is very similar to the We the People petitioning website that the United States has.

This particular petition has already reached 1.4 million signatures and continues to grow, which means that the United Kingdom parliament will have to determine whether or not they are going to allow further state meetings with President Donald Trump.

This petition sprung up after UK Prime Minister Theresa May had held a meeting with Trump last week over at the White House in the United States, and she announced that the United Kingdom is going to keep open arms for him out of “national interest”. The large number of people are now trying to show that they have no interest in having open relations with the controversial leader.

While the petition has actually been open to the public on the Parliament website since November, the popularity of it rose just this week. May’s visit with Trump combined with the protests surrounding Trump’s executive orders from his first week in office has really stirred the pot.

Even before Trump had been elected as president there were petitions created on the Parliament website to try and block him from entering the country entirely. When one petition had reached over 10,000 signatures the government was forced to issue a public response, which it did. It was stated that coming to the UK was a privilege and that they would exercise that right if the need for it ever came, although there was no indication that the government actually planned on banning Trump from the country.