Twitter is looking to upgrade their Tweetdeck functionality, but at a cost to users that want to use these extra features. Rumors have flown in that Twitter will be charging users $20 a month in order to gain access to analytics, breaking news, and special information about specific user accounts and their followers.

Twitter has stated that the $20 price point is incorrect, but they also haven’t spilled any information on what the actual price would be.

These analytical tools would be useful for marketers that use Twitter in order to bring in new customers and clients. These are similar to features that Facebook uses with their pages to help companies learn how to market to their target audience and expand their reach.

Many believe that Twitter may have been too slow on the draw with this new update. With the company being 10 years old this is surely something that should have been released some time ago. It’s speculated that these subscription features are being added now because ad revenue has become stale and won’t continue to grow, and the number of active Twitter users has about reached its peak. This makes it difficult for the company to increase their profits from the social media site, and so they are seeking out new ways to grow.

Twitter may be making this move a little too narrow. The suscription plan is only going to be appealing to marketers and companies, despite the vast majority of Twitter users being the common consumer. They are leaving out a large portion of their market when there are a lot of features that normal users would pay for in order to use them through Tweetdeck. For example, getting to know who is actually looking at their posts would be a big plus that people would likely pay for in a larger target market.

We will likely hear more about the Tweetdeck update in upcoming weeks.