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Wait a minute DOJ s holding trumps OFFICE in contempt?
So now merrick garland is just gaslighting the US public? First Alvin brag does a victory lap on tv - for inciting a corporation with no people in it .
Now doj holds a desk and couch in contempt .
Palm goes to Head

Thrilled to share the news that my Border trilogy will soon be an @FXNetworks series. Some of you have been with my books for 20 years. Grateful for every reader & @dzelman (Damages, Bloodlines) & Shane Salerno (Avatar: The Way of Water) are working hard to make a terrific series

Guess who’s back? My first new cover in almost 6 months! #rapgod by @eminem! Inspired by the awesome drummer @halcvlte - I am still working on my original songs. Coming soon! I can’t wait for you to hear them. Working on my speed and consistency. #eminem #vad506 @RolandGlobal

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