Trump has decided to make his Supreme Court nomination a bit more spectacular by moving the announcement to prime time at 8 p.m. Tuesday night. Normally, presidents have announced their Supreme Court justice picks during the middle of the work day, so this is a bit different from what Americans typically see.

To add a bit more drama to the event, Trump has also asked that both of the candidates appear in Washington. The top two candidates for the position are judges Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman. This adds a bit of a The Bachelor feel to the unveiling of Trump’s pick, all that is missing is a rose ceremony.

It is believed that Gorsuch is going to be Trump’s nominee for the position. Gorsuch is a federal court judge in the 10th United States Circuit Court. He was given this position back in 2006 by Republican President George W. Bush. He has a long history of service in the world of law. He was previously a law clerk for Judge David Sentelle, as well as Supreme Court Justices Anthonry Kennedy Gorsuch and Byron White. He has a polished resume with a undergrad degree from Columbia and a Harvard law degree, not to mention his Oxford University scholarship.

Despite this belief, Hardiman is still potentially Trump’s pick. He is a member of the Third United States Circuit Court out of Pittsburgh. He received the position from George W. Bush back in 2003, and was since promoted onto the court of appeals just four years after. He was the first person in his family to graduate from college and he attended Notre Dame before finishing his law degree over at Georgetown. His nomination would be a worry to many due to his backing by Maryanna Trump Barry – who just happens to be Donald Trump’s sister. He has very conservative views, which would not bode well for liberals.

There was a third choice as well, Judge William Pryor from the 11th Circuit. However, it would appear that he is no longer being considered since he wasn’t invited down to Washington for this event.