Tragedy hit the USA on one of its greatest days, the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, the suspect in the AR-15 Highland Park massacre was too young to get a gun permit back in 2019 from Illinois. But, his father was able to sponsor him to get the license anyway. The authorities even added that the father did that even after the suspect threatened to kill himself as well as his family.

The Story Leading to the Suspect Having an AR-15

In 2020, the suspect, Robert E. Crimo, was able to get a state firearm identification card. He had to acquire such a card to be able to purchase the AR-15-styled, high-powered semi-auto rifle. The same rifle that the authorities stated that he used for his fatal attack on the fourth of July. The suspect took to the street in Highland Park during the 4th of July Parade. He used his semi-auto AR-15 rifle and killed seven people and wounded several others. Following the incident, the authorities charged Crimo with 7 counts of murder as a result of this rooftop attack.

The ATF US Bureau opened an urgent investigation into the matter of ownership of the AR-15 that they recovered on Monday following the deadly attack. The ATF stated that they found out that Crimo purchased the AR-15 through legal channels. Following the deadly shooting, after a few hours, the police were able to arrest him. The police arrested him just north of the park on US 41 in a Honda. He was arrested with the help of reported sightings that the police received.

The Suspect Had More Guns in Addition to the AR-15 Rifle

Investigations showed that Crimo had another rifle in his car. In addition, he had other pistols at home where he used to live in Highwood. The authorities stated that the two AR-15 rifles he had were purchased legally somewhere in Chicago. On the other hand, they were not able to identify the models or the makes of these firearms. As per the authorities, he also bought the pistols at home from Illinois, but they did not specify where exactly.

The History of Violence and Police Reports

Yesterday, the Illinois Police offered the first details about how the suspect got his hands on the AR-15 rifles and the identification card. The state police stated that it received a preset and clear danger report back in 2019 when the suspect threatened his family. According to the Lake country authorities, the police paid a visit to Crimo’s house two times back in 2019. It was when he threatened to kill himself and his family. The police recovered a number of knives from his house, but not any guns.

On the other hand, the police stated that when asked if he felt like harming himself or others, he said no. As for the knives, his father said that they were his and were in his room for safekeeping. Therefore, the police returned the knives on the same day. The police did not arrest him on any charges. In addition, no one, including his family, filed any complaints about threats or mental health issues. Therefore, law enforcement did not take any further action. At that time, Crimo did not have a FOID card. In December of the same year, when he was 19, he applied for an identification card. According to the police, as he was still under 21, he had to be sponsored by a guardian or a parent. Therefore, his father sponsored him.

In January of the next year, Crimo was able to claim his FOID card. It was due to the fact that there was not enough basis for establishing a present and a clear danger to deny him the identification card. The only offense that he had on record was an ordinance possession for tobacco possession in 2016.