The Supreme Court has made a controversial ruling regarding the right to abortion. The Supreme Court has ruled that there is no constitutional right to abortion in the USA. That means that the court is upending the case roe v Wade from fifty years ago in a very rare reversal. That law is going to fracture reproductive rights significantly in the USA.

Joe Biden – US President – Comments on the Supreme Court Ruling

The current US president, Joe Biden, called the ruling of the supreme court a “tragic error .”He also stated that the celebrations of the Republicans are just extreme, wrong, and very out of touch. Joe Biden also said that the court is leading America down a very dangerous and an extreme path. He believes that after this, plenty of other rights can be targeted by this right-wing court. These rights can include same-sex marriage, as well as access to contraception. Joe Biden said that Justice Thomas from the Supreme Court made it clear in his announcement. He explicitly called for the reconsideration of same-sex marriage and the rights of a couple to come up with their own choices when it comes to contraception.

Supreme Court Reverses Roe v Wade – What is it all About?

For 19 long years, up to the decision of the Supreme Court, the government did not have any compelling interest in the pregnancy process. That is applicable in the first trimester, and it is where most abortions take place. According to Justice Harry Blackmun, the language of Roe is patriarchal. He believes that it considers the pregnant female as only a consultant to the physician. But, on the other hand, the protective boundary that Roe marked regarding reproductive freedom is unmistakable and bright. During the first trimester, the government and the state had no business being anywhere near the decision to abort. The state could only intervene during the 2nd trimester in favor of protecting the mother’s health.

Protests Erupt After the Supreme Court’s Decision

Huge protests erupted in front of the courthouse, as well as in major cities and small towns across America. That was right after the Supreme Court announced its decision. All Democratic-run states, as well as cities, have vowed to uphold the right to abortion. The states made it clear that they would accept people from neighboring states that have the ban. It went as far as some district attorneys pledged not to prosecute people for abortions, even if the new laws would end up criminalizing the procedure.

Commenting on the Supreme Court decision, Dr. Iffath A Hoskins had a lot to say. He is the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. In addition, he said that the ruling of the Supreme Court is a direct blow to patient safety, reproductive health, and bodily autonomy. He stated that the shared decision should be between the physician and the patient, according to their clinical experience and the experience that they have of their own bodies. On the other hand, there is no room for people to impose their religious and personal ideologies in the matter.

Democrats v Republicans in the Abortion Battle

Democratic states have even enacted laws that can provide aid to patients that travel to get an abortion. On the other hand, Republican states are working further to restrict the procedure. Some even debated the idea of prosecuting women and charging them with homicide if they seek an abortion. Estimates state that 85% of the American public support legal abortion under certain circumstances. On the other hand, partisan manipulation of the electoral districts resulted in insulating the Republicans from the common and popular opinion. Biden pointed to November’s midterm elections following the Supreme Court’s decision. He stated that this fall, everything is on the ballot, Roe, personal freedom, livery, equality, and the right to privacy.