Sad news from San Antonio, where 46 people were found dead on the Southwest Side. They were stuck in a tractor-trailer. Besides the 46 dead, there were 16 people who were transported to area hospitals. These numbers were according to the Police and Fire officials in San Antonio. Mayor Rion Nirenberg stated that it was a tragedy, as they were trying to pursue a better life, and they had families. He added that this is nothing short of a horrific tragedy.

San Antonio- A Horrific Human Tragedy

According to authorities, this is the biggest mass casualty event that they have seen in San Antonio. Nirenberg also added that they hoped that whoever was responsible for this tragedy to be prosecuted to the full extent of US law. However, the officials did not immediately state whether the victims were migrants and did not confirm what country they came from.

The police chief of San Antonio, William McManus, said that the officers got a call at 5:50 P.M on Monday. It was at the 9600 block of Quintana Rd. where a person who works nearby heard someone crying for help. When the worker approached the source of the sound, he saw tens of bodies inside the trailer as it had its doors partially opened. According to SAFD Chief, when the crews with the fire dept. arrived, they saw stacks of bodies in the 18-wheeler, as well as others that were too weak to get out of the truck. The chief said that forty-six men and women, whose ages ranged between teens and young adults, were announced dead on the scene.

News about the Surviving Victims in San Antonio

He added that they died from heat exhaustion and heat strokes. That is because the trailer is not suitable for transporting people. It had no water and no air conditioning. That is not all, as the temperatures reached over 100 degrees on Monday. The first responders were able to help sixteen people. In addition, they included four minors and twelve adults. The responders quickly took them to local hospitals to be taken care of and treated. According to the Mexican Consulate, these hospitals were Central Methodist, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Westover Hills, University Health, and Central Baptist.

Greg Abbott, Texas governor, blamed this human tragedy on US President Biden’s administration. However, he believes that the open border policy is the reason behind this horrible scene. Currently, Homeland Security is investigating what happened.

A Horrible History with Similar Incidents

What happened in San Antonio is not the first time. In 2021, a minimum of 650 migrants trying to cross from Mexico to the USA died. It is the biggest number that the International Organization for Migration recorded. The organization is a part of the UN that began to track such data in 2014.

Five years ago, ten people died, and dozens suffered from heat-related industries. They were inside a tractor-trailer at a Walmart in San Antonio. However, that is not all, as in 2003, eighteen victims, ages between 7 and 91, were found dead in a semi-truck. They were not alone, as they were alongside on-hundred other people. Inside that truck, the temperatures soared to triple digits.

The Catholic Charities CEO, Antonio Fernandez, commented on the San Antonio incident. Also, he said that they are currently working to help those who survived. He also stated that the archbishop was devastated from the news. He said that they are praying for the souls of the victims who lost their lives in such an inhuman and cruel manner. In addition, they also pray for the survivors and their families, as well as the first responders who were on the scene.