On Friday night, the NASCAR Xfinity Series took place in Martinsville, Virginia. If you missed it, then you surely missed the half-mile short of the Speedway turning into a ruthless boxing ring after the waving of the checkered flag. Sam Mayer has spun his tires on the outside lane during the closing laps. That resulted in him becoming sideways, and he clipped Noah Gragson, his teammate, which spun him across the racing track. The track became completely blocked in a few seconds and collected more than ten cars with massive damage.

The Race Goes Into Nascar Overtime

The officials waved the Red Flag, signaling Overtime. Concurrently, a bonus of $100k was on the line to the highest finisher between AJ Allmendinger, Riley Herbst, Sam Mayer, and Ty Gibbs. Once the Green was dropped in the Overtime, Brandon Jones leaned on Gibbs’s Rear, but Gibbs managed to brush it off and kept the lead. On the other hand, Jones had an excellent run-off turn four. When it came to the white flag, Jones dove inside and rubbed doors with his competitor and was able to snatch the race on the last lap. In turn three for the final time, Jones was speeding on the inside lane while Sam Mayer shoved Gibbs on the outside one. It ended with Jones running him into the wall. As the crash happened, AJ Allmendinger was able to take advantage of the situation and slipped by the two racers. He finished the line and claimed the bonus as Brandon Jones drove to claim the race win.

Ty Gibbs Turns the Track into a Boxing Ring by Punching Sam Mayer

Following the race, Ty Gibbs lined up behind Sam Mayer’s bumper during the cool-down lap and pushed him into the pit lane. The crew jumped quickly on the radio, asking him to stop and be smart as they do not need this right now. Gibbs got out of his car, and despite having a NASCAR official standing between him and his target, he pushed him away. The two racers quickly became very vocal, and Mayer removed his helmet and gave his opponent a shove. Mayer walked back and gave him a push of his own; then, they exchanged a few heated words. Talking did not last long, as they started exchanging more than words, and punches started flying between the two men. Quickly, the crew members of both teams interfered. Gibbs then managed to get a hold of Mayer and put him into a headlock as they both fell down.

Post Race Interview Shenanigans 

Following the race, Ty Gibbs’ post-race interview was not drama-free. An official from NASCAR tapped Gibbs on his shoulder, and then he put his arms around him. On the other hand, Ty Gibbs continued with the interview, and the official had no other choice but to let him continue. Everyone could see how frustrated the official was as he adjusted the earpiece.