PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has been a big hit and has steadily remained in the top three games on Twitch since its release last week. It is a first person survival shooter that offers competitive rankings and strategy beyond just killing your opponent in order to claim victory.

This game was based off of H1Z1’s King of the Hill mod. In this game mode, players would have to try and survive the longest and would continually be pushed closer and closer to one another as the gas closed in. In Battlegrounds, a similar tactic is used where electricity takes over the surrounding areas and players have to meet in these enclosed spots that get smaller and smaller with each push. The area shrinks after about the first 5 minutes of the game, and then every few minutes after that.

To survive, players must loot buildings and crates across the map to gather tools that will keep them alive. There are a variety of different guns and melee weapons that players must get early on in order to win skirmishes against other players, with special ammo for each type of weapon that comes in a limited supply. There are also first aid tools to heal up, weapon modifications to increase accuracy and stealth, and even armor that will protect against enemy gunfire.

Players can queue up for solo games, duo games, or squad games that consist of 3 – 4 man teams. The last player or team standing at the end of the match wins. If all members of your team get killed, your game ends and you get ranked based off of how many players were remaining.

After each match players will receive points that get based off of how well they performed. The better your rank in a match, the more points you will earn. Players also gain points from kills they acquired during the match. nomz_bunny on Twitch says, “these points can be spent on crates that hold various vanity items to customize your character a little further”, although they have no strategic impact on the game itself.