Pac-Man is coming to Android and iOS devices! The famous Pac-Man franchise first gained its popularity in the coin-op arcades of the past. The game’s then publisher Namco expanded the franchise as its popularity grew. With everything from t-shirts to plush dolls, to an off-shoot Ms. Pac-Man game, the franchise took the world by storm. Now, Bandai Namco Entertainment America is attempting to take the mobile market by storm with Pac-man Pop.

In Pac-Man Pop, players are tasked with assisting Pac-Man do various tasks such as saving animals that are trapped in bubbles or pop incoming ghosts by striking them with bubbles. The challenge of these tasks comes from the game’s limited number of shots, forcing players to pick and choose their shots for maximum effectiveness. To remove bubbles that serve as obstacles, players must match and shoot one of four colors to eliminate those bubbles. Players are assisted by a booster system. This system can generate beneficial effects such firing a rainbow bubble. The rainbow bubble is a special bubble that is able to match the color of any bubble it contacts, which will pop them. Another booster helps by modifying the games limited line of trajectory. This trajectory booster extends a player’s reach to increase firing precision. The game offers a payment mechanic that allows players to purchase boosters while offering a few for free.

The titular character also assists players by offering them use of his unique abilities. Although the abilities are limited to particular stages, their effects are spectacular. One of Pac-Man’s abilities that the player can utilize is an explosion that destroys an entire section of bubbles. Another such power at the player’s disposal is Pac-Man’s ability to remove two entire rows of bubbles from the screen.

Pac-Man Pop aims to produce the nostalgic feeling in those who are previously familiar with the franchise while bringing Pac-Man into the modern market of mobile gaming. With such a beloved character gracing the screen of thousands of mobile phone screens, we’re sure to see resurgence in his popularity that once dominated the old arcades.