Once again, another Resident Evil project is out. The new show, Resident Evil, is on Netflix. It is a live-action series that is based on the popular video gaming series. The new TV adaptation is different and not related to the 6-part film franchise from Paul W.S Anderson, as the first one was also called “Resident Evil.”

When does the new Resident Evil Series take place?

The first episode of the Resident Evil show is “Welcome to New Raccoon City.” The episode jumps between two different timelines. One is in 2022, which is ominous if you think about it. The other is in 2036. Also, the episode is unrelated to the big screen reboot with the same name. This is important to explain, as with so many Resident Evil universes, games, series, movies, and shows, it can get a bit confusing. There is a Sisyphean quality to the great amount of Resident Evil projects that made their way to the audience. On the other hand, these projects make a lot of money, which is why they continuously get the green light to do more projects.

The Characters of Netflix’s Resident Evil Series

The adaptation by Netflix follows two brand new characters, just for this show. They are the two siblings, Billie and Jade Wesker. In the 2022 timeline, the two teenagers moved with their father to New Raccoon City. It is a company town in South Africa, that the Umbrella Academy founded.

Jumping to the other timeline, a few years in the future, in 2036, the show followed a grown-up Jade Wesker. We will see her make her way into a post-apocalyptic world. The world is a wasteland full of zombies, or “Zeroes,” as the survivors call them in this series. Obviously, the connective tissue between the two timelines is the Wesker family. The show’s intriguing aspect is unraveling how the 2022 events led to the collapse of human civilization. It is also quite fascinating to see why Albert and Billie are not appearing in 2036 so far.

Resident Evil –Expansive Lore and Action Horror

The showrunner, Andrew Dabb, is also the showrunner of Supernatural. He hinges the overarching mystery of the season on the gap between the two timelines. In 2022, the two siblings are very close, much like Sam and Dean in Supernatural, as many people noticed the similarities. Jade is an assertive extrovert, whereas her sister is the guarded introvert whose empathy gets her in trouble. However, the perils of high school are not the only reason they band together. It is also the unique circumstances of the upbringing by a leading biochemist in a morally questionable corporation.

2022 is the character-driven and story-focused timeline. On the other hand, the 2036 timeline is where the action-horror takes place. Adult Jade is shrouded in mystery, which is overshadowed by the action-packed set pieces. You will certainly enjoy the high-octane survival horror and the fight choreography. That will occur while joining Jade in her missions through the harrowing encounters with zombies. She will come across large and small monsters, and the seedy Umbrella ambassadors.

Resident Evil – It All Works Out Great Together

The two timelines work in pushing the plot and prolonging the answers. While it can create some pacing struggles, but the overall story-telling makes up for it. Overall, Dabb was able to give us an inaugural season that is of an impressive scale and spectacle set of characters and monster mayhem. The show has many Easter Eggs for the game fans. Therefore, make sure to pay close attention for some extra treats while watching the show.