One member from the United States Navy SEAL Team Six is dead after a raid on an Al Qaeda base located in the central part of Yemen. During the raid at least three other members of the team were injured. Officials have not released the name of the operative that was killed during the assault.

The United States Central Command center also announced that there had been another service member that was injured after a “hard landing” in a location nearby. A MV-22 Osprey had been unable to take off again after the landing and had to be destroyed on site and abandoned.

President Donald Trump released a statement to the American people to announce the death of the Team Six team member. He honored the sacrifices given by those that fight on the front lines of the terrorist regime.

There were 14 Al Qaeda that were eliminated in the assault and the raid led to the gathering of information for United States officials that will give some insight into future plots of terrorism that were being planned. This information can lead to more raids to prevent terrorist activity and take out other senior officers.

This raid in Yemen has been the first counter terrorism offensive maneuver conducted under President Trump that was aimed at gathering intelligence. It will also go down as the first combat death since Trump took office.

The plans for this raid had been completed before Trump had taken office, but was finally given the green light to move forward by the new administration. American forces did not take any prisoners from the raid and all Al Qaeda involved had been killed.

The surprise attack managed to kill three important Al Qaeda leaders – Abdul-Raouf al-Dhahab, Seif al-Nims, and Sultan al-Dhahab. The al-Dhahab is a close ally of Al Qaeda that has continually offered aid and support for the regime.

Al Qaeda have taken up in southern and eastern Yemen as they take advantage of the civil war that is going on over there right now.