The Monster Jam tour launched in Palmetto and it attracted Facebook users from around the globe. The world was watching Palmetto, which was where Feld Entertainment held an event. Its world headquarters is located there and they decided to introduce the 2017 Monster Jam season from Palmetto. The event included new trucks, drivers and even a host of new scoring systems.

The event was streamed on Facebook and it was a huge success. Officials at Feld said there were people from around the world who logged onto Facebook so they could watch the event unfold. Officials said many offered emoticons in a show of enthusiasm for the event. At one point, there were around 4,000 people who were interacting and watching the event.

Around 300 people were in the audience, which included invited guests, Feld employees and members of their family. The audience were told were Monster Jam trucks would travel to, and some of the most popular trucks were on show. These trucks included Zombie and Dalmatian. A few drivers were also brought up on stage to discuss how excited there were to drive Monster Jam trucks.

Some Feld employees showed the audience signs that instructed them to respond loudly and with enthusiasm. On stage, hosts announced the dates that tours would start in various parts of America.

Most fans were really interested in two dates, which were January 14 and February 4, which is when the tour will come to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Florida. Some of the most well-known trucks will be there, including El Toro, Grave Digger, Big Kahuna and Mad Scientist.

However, there was bad news for one driver, Madusa. It was announced that this would be the last season for the truck driver. She is one of the most popular women drivers with Monster Jam and she is known for inspiring women to enter the sport. It’s worth noting that every single Monster Jam event will have a female driver taking part. There may be more than one female driver, but there will always be at least one at their events.

The monster trucks take part in two competitions. One of those is a race and the other is a freestyle competition, which is where trucks perform various tricks like wheelies, bounces, turn circles and perform back-flips to name a few. Each driver tries to do better than the other.