The MCU is currently setting up for the Secret Invasion arc. It seems that they will have to make some changes to the ending of its iconic movie, Avengers: Infinity War. Infinity War’s finale is one of the most seminal moments in the MCU and in the movie industry. We all remember being shocked and speechless watching a huge number of our favorite heroes disintegrate to ashes on-screen after Thanos’ snap. The snap killed the likes of Black Panther, Nick Fury, and Spiderman. Of course, in part two, Avengers: The Endgame, all of our favorite characters were snapped back to life. It was all thanks to the time-heist led by Iron man and Ant-Man.

The Eminent Change to Avengers Infinity War Ending

The main pivotal moment that the MCU has to change is the death of Nick Fury. In a post-credit scene, we saw Nick Fury, the Director of SHIELD, traveling with Mariah Hill in NYC. While nothing seems to be happening, they suddenly feel the effect of the snap, and he starts to disintegrate. After Nick Fury understands the magnitude of what is happening, Agent Hill vanishes. Right before he does too, he uses a device that contacted Captain Marvel. It was a way to introduce one of the strongest characters in the MCU. Although, ahead of the introduction of Secret Invasion, this exact moment might pose some issues to Marvel.

The problem is where the Secret Invasion is within the wider MCU timeline. The show is going to take place right after Thanos’ devastating snap, which wiped out 50% of all life in the universe. It takes place when the world is in upheaval after the snap. However, the issue is that Samuel L. Jackson is appearing as Nick Fury is going to be a massive problem with the ending of Infinity War. His character vanished right after he called Caron Danvers to Earth. Therefore, it seems that the show will have to make changes to the MCU canon timeline and the demise of Nick Fury at the end of Avenger Infinity War.

Possible Explanations for how Nick Fury Cheated Death

There is an explanation that could explain how Nick Fury is in Secret Invasion. If Nick Fury survived the snap by Thanos, it means that the Nick Fury we saw in Avengers Infinity War was actually Talos, impersonating Nick Fury. That would explain why Nick Fury is alive; in an off-Earth Mission, despite his apparent death at the end of Infinity War. Even this explanation is not without any flaws. They will have to really commit some narrative gymnastics so they can explain how Talos got his hands on the pager before Infinity War. It seems that being Nick Fury’s ultimate fail-safe, he would always have it on him rather than hand it to Talos. It seems that giving it to Talos would be very out of character for Nick Fury.

A plausible reason is that Nick Fury gave it to Talos to guard Earth in case something happened while he ventured on his space mission. Even if that it is the case, then a huge revision is going to be made to the ending of Avengers Infinity War. They will have to add background to the ending scene. It was a pretty straightforward and a clear scene.

Of course, fans of Marvel and the MCU were overly excited upon knowing that Samuel L. Jackson would return to his role as Nick Fury. Even if the fans are excited, in order for Secret Invasion to succeed, it would have to come up with a good explanation that makes sense to the fans for the return of Nick Fury post-snap.