LONDON – A police officer was fatally stabbed by an assailant near the entrance to the United Kingdom parliament facility after a car had plowed through a group of terrified civilians on the landmark bridge Wednesday morning. Authorities are describing it as an act of terrorism with malicious intent to cause chaos.

At some point during the assault the attacker had been shot, but not after a series of casualties had become victims of the assailant.

There were a large number of injured civilians that had been struck by the vehicle that lay around the Westminster Bridge that the vehicle had run through. There was also a police officer that had been killed while trying to stop the assailant, along with at least one other civilian death that has been reported at this time.

Even before the full story had come out, the chaos that had been caused resulted in nearby security being increased in order to prevent any other acts of terrorism in case this was a group effort and not a single assault.

The Parliament chambers were placed under a full lockdown for over two hours until they were given the clear that the attacker had been neutralized. The famous London Eye Ferris wheel was also shut down during this time.

This attack was likely coordinated on this day due to it being the busiest day for parliament in the week. This is the day that the Prime Minister appears each week in order to answer weekly questions, which always results in a packed House of Commons to sit in and participate.

The area is well security and protected by high walls with a large amount of security officials around the facility. The officers guarding the building are armed, and to get in civilians must pass through a metal detector that will screen them for any weapons.