Kendrick Lamar is one of the most beloved and successful rappers in the industry. Finally, the artist will give many Kendrick Lamar enthusiasts all that they have been waiting for. That happened with the release of the fifth album’s art, the anticipated Mr. Morale, and the Big Steppers album. The rapper has been away from the scene for a few years, and the new album has been kept under wraps for the longest time. The new album’s cover art was released only 24 hours before the album’s release. The album is expected to be released today. The new art hints that the Compton-born rapper might now be a father of two. There were no streams to the journalists, but nonetheless, a few details of the new album made their way to the lights.

Some Details about the New Kendrick Lamar Album

The new album is going to be the last one with the label Top Dawg Entertainment. It also comes with a new and mysterious alter ego named Oklama. That is not all, as the first single in the album is called The Heart Part 5. It falls well in line with the poignant and timely messaging of some of his old hits. In these old hits, he has taken the identities of O.J Simpson, Will Smith, and much more.

Last August, Lamar posted on his online website and said that he feels great joy in having been a part of a cultural imprint. He made that statement in reference to Top Dawg and him using the Oklama pseudonym. Music critics and other hip-hop enthusiasts are going to be itching to put their hands on what King Kendrick has in store for this new album and era of music.

Kendrick Lamar’s Impressive Journey and Projects

Lama’s debut came after the wide circulation of some of his mixtapes, released in 2011. The iTunes exclusive Section .80 was one of his first big well-received successes. The new album was jazzy, yet it had hints of punk rock, and it was almost 1-hour long. The album mainly focused on Lamar and the thoughts he had about the environment where he was born and raised in Compton. Many of the verses of that album discuss and explore being born in the 80s and how it affected his life and the life of his peers. Although it was a great success, Kendrick Lamar did not consider it an album. The 15-track project was a “warm-up.” It was like a lyrical diary of his thoughts and opinions on drug use, insecurity, and religion.

UPDATE: Kendrick Lamar Finally Releases New Album

Finally, the album is released, Mr. Morale and The Big Steppers. The new album is split into two volumes of 9 tracks. The new album includes plenty of notable collaborations. They include Summer Walker, Sampha, Baby Keem, Beth Gibbons, and Thundercat, to mention a few. If you listened to the album, you surely noticed that it repeatedly features Eckhart Tolle’s voice. He is the author and spiritual teacher that is going to be narrating many of the album’s songs. But, that is not all, as Whitney Alford, Kendrick Lamar’s partner, is also the narrator on some of the songs such as We Cry Together. This specific song also features a sample by Florence and the Machine. Some of the producers across the album include Beach Noise, Dual Timothy, Pharrell, Bekon, Dahi, and many more.

Lamar alluded through his album to Cancel Culture, with Kodak Black being a notable presence on several of the tracks. On one of the tracks that feature Sampha, “Father Time,” Kendrick Lamar talks about the rivalry as well as the reconciliation between Drake and Kanye West. In one of the bars, he says that when Kanye reconciled with Drake, he was confused, and he continued by saying that he guesses he is not as mature as he thought. Then he added that he got some healing to do.