If you’ve been waiting for the next generation iPhone then wait no longer – iPhone 8 is right around the corner. Apple already revealed the new iPhone’s new sleek design, but they have a few more details they have kept a secret until now. However, users might be surprised at the new price tag.

The biggest new feature coming to the iPhone 8 will be the wireless charging. This is a feature that Apple has hinted at for some time but hasn’t confirmed. The wireless charging will also double up with fast wired charging for those that still prefer to plug in.

The bad news with the wireless charging capabilities will be the high price that comes with it. The phone has had to deal with heat issues that come with the new form of charging. With new generation iPhone following the “all glass” design Apple is implementing, this phone is going to have less heat dissipation then it had with aluminum models. To compensate for that, Apple has to add a graphite layer that will sit below the 3D Touch sensor board that lays underneath the screen in order to protect it from heat damage.

This method along with several others will protect the phone and prevent the user from feeling the heat, but the price will come out of consumer’s wallets. This will be the first iPhone that will be pushed over the $1,000 mark. This is much higher than any other iPhone release ever and even beats out the average price for a new computer. Apple is really rolling the dice and might be cutting out a lot of their market.

This may be a critical release for Apple. They have really had to step up their game now that Samsung has announced the new Galaxy S8, which also hosts a brand new design. Google is also planning on releasing their second generation of Pixel along with a Pixel XL model. The stakes for the cell phone industry have never been higher, but then again either have the prices…