Google has been forced to back off a little bit after their Google Home devices began to spew out annoying advertisements to users.

Last week the devices had begun advertising the new Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”, which many customers began to criticize. It had dropped a simple line of “Did you know Beauty and the Beast will begin airing this week?”. While it acted as if this was helpful information, it was really a promotion campaign that Google was using in order to convince people to go see the movie.

The big issue with these types of advertisements is that Google Home devices are not a free service. Users had to shuffle out big money for these in-home tools, and it’s sort of a slap in the face for Google to try and advertise through them after customers have already had to buy the device. Most users are fine with having advertisements thrown at them when using free services, but not through something that came with a price tag.

The good news is that users were successful in campaigning for Google to back down. The products will no longer give out this type of advice or speak about any ads.

Google has come out to say that it was not meant to be an advert at all. In Google’s own words “the beauty in the Assistant is that it invites our partners to be our guest and share their tales”. This has caused a bit of confusion since this is almost exactly what an advertisement is, and so many speculate that this may have been a bit of PR work to try and clean up the situation.