Google’s messaging strategy has fallen short of their goals for years, and has been quite a mess. One of their failed projects was the Google Hangouts application, which was designed to make online communication easier and simple. However, when compared to other services, it never quite reached the hype it was expected to get.

Perhaps the reason hangouts has done poorly is because it hasn’t had a truly defined purpose. While it had the general goal of communication, there have been many released services that target specific areas of the market. Skype has been used for video communication for both the average consumer and businesses, Teamspeak has been used for gamers across the globe to host voice chat servers, Appear has been used for quick and easy video communication, etc. Hangouts has just sort of been there with no defined purpose beyond communication.

Google has finally determined that Hangouts is going to be used for business communication and will be implementing features to further that goal. Beyond just that, it will also work alongside many other services offered by Google as a compliment to what they offer.

One of the slickest new business features is going to be the document sharing portion of the application. Users will be able to assign permissions on who can view certain documents based off of teams or groups, so as not to spread information out to areas of the business that shouldn’t be seeing certain things. There will also be a new search feature that will let you put up a filter on people, links, projects, groups, and much more. This will be designed to make searching for what you need much simpler.

Google Hangouts looks to be on the verge of a breakthrough with much more in store, and it will be nice to see that it has a defined purpose within the world of online communication.