In Greenwood, Indianapolis, the police are currently investigating the shooting that occurred yesterday, on Sunday. It took place at 6.00 PM on Sunday at the Greenwood Park Mall. 4 people died resulting from the shooting, and the shooter is also dead, according to police, and at the hands of a good Samaritan.

Greenwood Police Talk about the Shooting at the Good Samaritan

Greenwood’s chief of police, James Ison, stated that in addition to the four deaths, two people suffered from wounds. They are currently in nearby hospitals undergoing treatments. Early today, the Coroner, Michael Pruitt, identified the victims. They included one female and three males, including the shooter. The names will be revealed in a news conference later today.

The coroner is working with the County Coroner’s Office to get a positive identification of the victims. One of the injured victims is a 12 years old girl. She is suffering from a small injury to her back, according to police. The injury was minor, so she was able to go home, then went to the hospital for treatment. According to Ison, thankfully, there was a Good Samaritan nearby. He saw the shooting and decided to take action, then he shot and put down the shooter. The IMPD made it clear that the bystander, dubbed the Good Samaritan, who shot the shooter is cooperating with the police.

The Good Samaritan Saves the Day

IMPD stated that the bystander, the Good Samaritan, was carrying a handgun. He chose to intervene when he saw the shooter. The bystander is a 22-year-old man, and he was carrying the gun lawfully. The police stated that he is from Bartholomew County, but they did not share the bystander’s name. James Ison said that what happened shocked them to the core. He added that this is not something that they have seen in the country before. He described it as absolutely horrendous. In addition, he stated that they went through training to prepare for similar active shooter situations and that he is proud of the response of law enforcement. The shooter, according to police, had several mags of ammunition, along with his long rifle.

The Indianapolis Metro Police were assisting at the crime scene. They stated that there is no known ongoing threat. Multiple police units spread across the mall and made sure that there were no additional wounded victims or those who were sheltering in place.

Witnesses Speak about the Shooting

According to people inside the mall during the shooting stated that they heard twenty gunshots in the mall’s food court. As per the spokesman of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, the shooter fired shots in the food court only. So far, there is no information regarding the reason behind the shooting. Investigators are still working on the case and interviewing the witnesses. The police took the witnesses to a nearby area, next to the mall. They interviewed and questioned the witnesses and then reunified them with the family.

The Good Samaritan Thanked for His Heroism

The Mayor of Greenwood, Mark Myers, made a statement via Facebook. He thanked the armed bystander for his actions. He said that the good Samaritan saved lives. On behalf of the city, he is grateful for his heroism and his quick action. Also, in a previous statement, the mayor asked or everyone to pray to the victims, their families, and the first responders. In a social media statement this Sunday, Indiana Governor, Eric Holcomb, stated that he is monitoring the investigation. The mall where the incident occured was closed Monday and, of course, Sunday after the incident. According to the mall owner, the Simon Property Group, the mall would open on Tuesday.