The first Chinese woman on China’s Space station has sent a video message to Earth On March 8, in celebration of International Women’s Day from orbit. The astronaut is none other than Wang Yaping. In her video message that she beamed to the women of Earth, she said that she is currently on a 6-month mission aboard the Chinese space station, the Tiangong Space Station. She wished all of her fellow women across the globe a happy International Women’s Day. Wang also added that she is going to take advantage of this chance to give her personal thanks to every woman on Earth for her selfless and continuous devotion. She finished her message by hoping that every woman out there could reach for the stars and pursue her dream career.

Wang Yaping has become the 2nd female astronaut aboard the China National Space Administration, which happened back in 2013. It occurred one year after Liu Yang made similar history on the Shenzhou 9. Wang has been a part of the Tianhe Space Station since last October. She is planning to return back home, along with her colleagues on the Shenzhou in April. She will come back to Earth along with Ye Guangfu and Zhang Zhigang. Both of these astronauts have been on the Tiangong station since October of last year as well. Before celebrating International Women’s Day from the Chinese space station, she became the 1st Chinese woman to embark on a spacewalk back in November of 2021.

More Women in Space During International Women’s Day

On the other hand, Wang is not the only woman that is currently in space on the 8th of March. Another brave woman, Kayla Barron, the NASA astronaut, is currently aboard the ISS. She is a part of the crew who are on the orbiting lab’s Expedition 66 mission.

Kayla Barron began her journey to the International Space Stations in November of 2021 as well. She was a part of a crew of four, on a 6-month trip to the orbiting lab. Following the same schedule as the Chinese crew, they are going to come back to planet Earth this April.

On International Women’s Day – 10 People Live in Space

Kayla Barron and Wang Yaping are two out of ten people who are currently in outer space. There are three Chinese astronauts on the Tiangong station, and there are seven astronauts on the ISS. The seven astronauts on the Space Station include four NASA astronauts, a European astronaut from Germany, and 2 Russian cosmonauts.

About International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day’s earliest version was the National Women’s Day, which was held on the 28th of February in 1909 in NYC. The American Socialist Party organized it as per the suggestion of Theresa Malkiel, one of its renowned activists. There are also many claims that the current date of International Women’s Day is due to the fact that this day was commemorated by a protest by female garment workers on the 8th of March of 1857.