Yesterday, on Monday, the First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, compared the Latino community to tacos. She states that the Hispanic community in the US is as unique as tacos for breakfast. That was during a speech in Texas, San Antonio. The US president, Joe Biden, was speaking during the 2022 UnidosUS conference called “Siempre Adelante: Quest for Equity.” During her speech, she was commenting on the great work of President Raul Yzaguirre when she made that remark.

Jill Biden’s Speech at the UnidosUS Conference

First lady, Jill Biden, talked about how Raul helped build the organization with his understanding that the community is diverse. She spoke that the community is as distinct as the Bronx’s bodegas, as beautiful as Miami’s blossoms, and as unique as breakfast tacos in San Antonio. She also added that this event is the biggest gathering of advocates for the Hispanic community. On an annual basis, the UnidosUS conference is the premier gathering and event for the Hispanic community, which is moving the country forward. The timing of this comment could not have been worst. It comes at a time when President Joe Biden is trying to reach out to the Hispanic community, who have been voicing their displeasure with his performance.

Florida Senator Comments on Jill Biden’s Metaphor

In the state of Texas, Mayra Flores, a Republican, won a special election in June for the 34th Congressional District. It was a seat that the Democrats had held for more than 100 years. This district, which is between San Antonio and Rio Grande Valley on the Mexico-Texas border, is mostly Hispanic. The Florida Senato, Marco Rubio, surely noticed the comment of the first lady. He quickly changed his Twitter avatar to a photo of a taco and used the hashtag #NewProfilePic. It seems that Jill Biden is facing a lot of ridicule from conservative Hispanics before her speech at the Latinx IncluXion Luncheon in San Antonio.

The Luncheon is a part of the UnidosUS 2022 annual conference. It is a conference that provides a chance to collaborate and learn about a variety of issues. These issues cover everything from racial equity, education, and health to housing. A Hispanic Republican, Carolina Amesty tweeted that we all know not one single Hispanic uses LatinX. It is only a term that woke corporations use and keep imposing on the Hispanic community. She believes that they use it to control how they think about gender and how they vote. The tweet also included her making it clear that they believe in Family, God, and Freedom and not MarXism. However, the ridicule did not stop there, as the Republican National Committee Latinos tweeted, More Failed Hispanic outreach from the Democrats.

US First Lady – Jill Biden – Apologizes for her Analogy

The first lady, Jill Biden, has apologized for comparing the Hispanic Community to Tacos in her botched compliment in her speech. The responses came quick to her speech, with the NAHJ responding, “We aren’t Tacos.” Tuesday, only one day following the incident, Jill Biden’s press secretary replied. She stated that Mrs. Biden is very sorry and that she has nothing but admiration towards the Hispanic community. The comment came at a critical time, as Joe Biden has been losing popularity amongst the Hispanic voters. Jill Biden also mispronounced the word Bodegas during her speech.

The group added that their Latino heritage is shaped by various cultures, food, tradition, and diasporas and should not be reduced to stereotypes. This is not the first time Jill Biden faced the wrath of the Latin community. Back in March of 2021, she botched the pronunciation of Si Se Puedo, the Spanish phrase. It translates to Yes We Can while addressing the Delano, California farmworkers.