Father’s Day is upon us; they are our first love and the heroes of our lives. Fathers teach us how to be strong, and that strength is in silence. Due to how important fathers are and their value in all of our lives, they are often celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June, which happens to be tomorrow, the 19th of June of 2022. It was first proposed in the year 1910 as a way to complement the celebrations of Mother’s Day. It is a day where we show our fathers how much we love them and appreciate them for the role they had in shaping our lives.

Father’s Day Date & History:

While most countries celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday of June, like the USA and India, other countries have a different date for this day. For example, Italy, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal, among other countries, celebrate it on the 19th of March. Although it is mainly a western tradition, Father’s Day is quickly garnering a lot of prominence in India as well as many parts of the world.

Father’s Day was first founded in the United States. It was the year 1909 in Washington YMCA. Sonora Smart Dodd proposed it. In that year, Fathers’ Day was celebrated on the 19th of June. Sonor has heard about Anna Jarvis and her foundation of Mother’s Day. It was a day dedicated to honoring mothers. Therefore, Sonora told her Church’s pastor that they needed something like that but to celebrate fathers. Sonora Smart Dodd’s father was a Civil War veteran named William Jackson Smart. He was a single father who raised her and her five siblings. She was first hoping that Father’s Day would be on the 5th of June, which is her father’s birthday. On the other hand, due to the Church’s time and schedules, the day was pushed to the third day of June, which happened to be the 19th of June, just like this year’s Father’s Day.

What to get your Dad for Father’s Day

Many online websites and articles focus on Mother’s Day and the gifts you can get your mother. However, since Father’s Day is upon us, we want to help you pick a gift for your dad for this special day. Here are a few examples that might help:

A fitness band

We all care about our fathers and worry about them getting old. This is why Father’s Day might be the perfect time to get your dad into a fitness routine that will keep him healthy and in better shape. A Digital fitness band will help him track his steps, workout, fitness, and sleep schedule.


Everyone knows that wallets are a very important part of any man’s life, especially our fathers. Whether they use it to keep cash, or just their cards or a picture of their family, it is something they can carry for everyone. In addition, you can buy a wallet and get it personalized to have their name tag. A gift like that will surely put a smile on their face every time they get the wallet out of their pocket.


We all have that image of our fathers’ waking up on Saturday, drinking coffee, and reading the newspaper. So it is certainly a good idea to get your parent a book to read in their free time. Maybe get in a collection of books from his favorite author.

Bluetooth Speakers

This is really a gift that fits all ages. Anyone can use these speakers so they can listen to their favorite music. Whether it’s music from the 80s or hip hop from the 2000s, a Bluetooth speaker does not discriminate, making it an excellent gift for fathers.