Facebook has just released another feature for its messaging application, but users may have already seen this before if they’ve used the popular Snapchat app. This new feature allows for users to post “stories” that their friends can view by scrolling through the various ones put up that get displayed directly in the messenger app.

The goal Facebook has in mind with this new addition is to “let the camera do the talking” rather than typing out text posts. This is one of the top features that Snapchat uses in order to allow for their own users to display a series of events in a picture slideshow format rather than having users write out about the events.

For Facebook it seems a bit redundant to implement this feature when they already use a news feed where users can post all of their photos in a single album that other users can shift through. With this being the case, why does it make sense to now add on this additional feature into the messenger app? It all comes down to money.

This is another way that Facebook can throw more advertisements at users, and is quite good at it. For starters, since the messenger app isn’t used in a web browser Ad Blocking programs won’t stop the ads from being displayed. However, the larger benefit is that users won’t be as frustrated with these types of ads as they would others. Getting a brief interruption while scrolling through stories isn’t a big deal, as we’ve already seen from other services that offer this type of feature.

Facebook is being a bit less discrete by pretty much copying the filters option from Snapchat so that users can also add special filters to their images within their stories. These will include animations, interactive filters, and dress up filters.

This could be another big hit to Snapchat, as it recently took a step down in terms of growth when Instagram released their own version of the popular stories features.