Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is considered to be one of the most successful college dropouts of all time, falling just short of Bill Gate’s level of success. He has now been asked to give the commencement address at Harvard University – the very university that he dropped out of all those years ago.

He is scheduled to speak at the 336th commencement ceremony that is going to take place at the university on May 25th. He will address graduates that will be finishing their time at Harvard.

Zuckerberg had been attending Harvard University when he first began the development of the social media giant Facebook. He was in his sophomore year when he dropped out to continue working on the project full time. It was originally used exclusively by college students and has grown to a global phenomenon that is now accessed by over 1 billion users each day.

Gates gave the Harvard commencement address back in 2007, which was the year that Zuckerberg’s wife was graduating from the university. The two had joked about Zuckerberg giving the speech in a video that he had posted on social media earlier this week. Zuckerberg jokingly asks Gates if the Harvard staff knows that they didn’t actually graduate from the college.

The Harvard staff acknowledges Zuckerberg’s success and cited him on the way that he has been able to change social engagement across the globe. They see him as one of the leaders of modern technology and put great value in his success.

Zuckerberg was not always a big pleaser for Harvard staffers. Back in 2003, while still attending the college, Zuckerberg had created a web application called FaceMash that allowed users to hit “hot” or “not” for different student images. The college accused him of violating copyright and even protruding on individual privacy. He had faced the possibility of being kicked out of the university and was given a administrative board meeting to determine his fate. He was allowed to continue his education at Harvard.