Legendary producer, D.J. Premier, has a lot of stories with some of the biggest names in the culture and the industry. He has a career in the Hip-Hop industry that dates back to 1980. Some of these stories he shared might explain why he disappeared on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning on July 18. During the conversation, Premo has revealed that he has a story about Dr. Dre, yet another legendary producer in the industry. He stated that at one time, Dr. Dre blocked him from collaborating with 50 Cent, the rap star. That was during the early aughts; it was before Fif signed his historic deal with Shady/Aftermath. As per the Gang Starr member, the record also included Fat Joe, who had beef with Fif later before they reconciled their differences recently.

D.J. Premier Shares his Story with Dr. Dre and Fifty Cent

D.J. Premier said that Fat Joe signed him to the Terror Squad. They were planning to do a complication album-type of project. The idea was similar to how Khaled does his. The first single in that album would be a 50 Cent record. He added that at this time, no one was really messing with Fifty to the fullest because of the too much drama after How to Rob. Premo said that he and Fifty hit it off quickly, and they immediately clicked when they talked on the phone.

On the other hand, that specific record never became a reality. Instead, it appears that Dr. Dre has blocked the involvement of Fifty in the record. He wanted Fifty to get away from collaborations until he was done with what would be Fifty Cents’ multi-platinum debut, the famous Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Dj Premier said that Fifty was supposed to do the record, but by the time it was happening, he got a call saying that he couldn’t do it. When he asked about the reason, he was told it was because Fifty is about to sign with Dr. Dre and Eminem. He went on to talk to Dre, and he told him that he loves him, but Fifty is not going to be a part of any records until he finishes his debut album. Thankfully, years later, DJ Premo got his chance to collab with Fifty. It was when the two of them worked on Shut Ur Bloodclot Mouth in 2011. Last Friday, on July 15, D.J. Premier released a new album, Hip Hop Volume 1. It includes appearances from some of the big names in the industry. These include Remy Ma, Rapsody, Run The Jewels, Lil Wayne, and Nas.

De. Dre Writes 247 Songs During the Pandemic

Dr. Dre has stated that he wrote a total of 247 songs during the pandemic. He made that statement in an Instagram video that is now deleted. He posted that video weeks ago. Dr Dre also teased that he has projects with Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. In December of 2021, Dr. Dre worked on 6 songs for G.T.A.’s The Contract, which he also released as an E.P. Features that made an appearance in that E.P. include Eminem, Anderson.Paak, Busta Rhymes, and Rick Ross, to mention a few. It seems Dr. Dre has been busy, as he, along with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar, performed at the Halftime Show for the Super Bowl. In addition, the Still D.R.E. music video on YouTube, which also features Snoop Dogg, hit 1 billion views.