Diablo Immortal made its release almost 1 week ago, on the 2nd of June. Many opinions are surfing online; some are accusing the game of being a disgusting Pay to Win game that is not Free to Play viable. On the other hand, there are few voices that are praising the game and saying you can still have fun and enjoy it even if you are a F2P player. So here we are going to discuss the good, the bad, and the downright ugly when it comes to Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal – My Experience as a Free to Play Player

I am not exactly a free-to-play player, as I spent exactly 5.98 Euros on the game. I bought the beginner’s pack and the Battle Pass. Both did not really affect my gameplay, but they offer welcomed cosmetics and a few hilts, gems, and crests here and there.

The Campaign

The story takes place between Diablo II and Diablo III. So, while I’ve always been a Lore fan, the fact that this happens between two games makes the story’s impact feel less significant. I tried to follow it, but after listening to a few dialogues, I just started skipping it all and tapping to get back to the game. The quests are not overly complicated. It is the usual format of go to place X, collect Y or Kill Z and go talk to a few NPCs to get the quest.

On the other hand, it never felt boring or a chore. You get a few upgrades along the way, gold, XP, and more. There were a couple of puzzles during the campaign, and while I did enjoy them, most players would just Google them or ask in World Chat to get it done. Diablo Immortal’s campaign also has some fun boss fights that might take you a few tries to learn the patterns, which is one of my favorite parts of any game.

Diablo Immortal Endgame Systems

There is no shortage of intertwined endgame systems at Diablo Immortal. Without getting into too many details, there are plenty of things to do. You can do daily bounties, battle pass quests, side quests, elite quests, dungeons, hunt for set items, elder rifts, and challenge rifts. In addition, you can upgrade your gear, transfer essences, craft charms, and much more.

One of the major parts of the end game is the Shadows vs. Immortals cycle. It is an epic storyline that takes place server-wide. You become a shadow by entering the lottery and winning it. Next, you upgrade your rank, raid vaults, and play PVP in the battleground to become stronger. There are then shadow wars that you can take part in by joining a Dark Clan. It is an epic fight between Shadows and Shadows, and Shadow Vs. Immortals where the winners become Immortals. Becoming a shadow comes with its own set of challenges and activities. They include vault raiding, the Path of Blood, as well as other activities that are not unlocked yet.

World Bosses and Events 

World Bosses and world events are certainly one of the strong points of any game. Diablo Immortal really shines in that regard. Almost every zone has massive world bosses and world events that almost the entire server will join. Whether it is to kill Lord Manatos or protect the Ancient Spirit, it all rewards well with legendaries, gems, gold, and lots of experience.

Overall Free to Play Opinion of Diablo Immortal

Overall, I am Paragon level 20 in Hell 1 Demon Hunter, and I have had fun without having to pay money. I have not come across a paywall yet. Each day I log in, I improve my gear and my level, along with my Combat Rating. Surely people who are paying for more crests and more stuff are way ahead of me, but my fun is not linked to other people’s performance. I am having fun going to dungeons and challenging myself in rifts and the Path of Blood arena. So, in conclusion, if you are a F2P player, do not be discouraged by the reviews; play the game, and enjoy it until you do not; it is a free game, after all. Also, the fact that it is a mobile/PC game makes it easy to access for dailies, regardless of whether you are home or away on vacation.

The Bad and the Downright Ugly – The Convoluted Monetization

If you have read a lot of reviews or watched YouTube videos about the game, you have probably heard “monetization” a million times. The reason behind that is that the game has a very complicated and a ruthless monetization system. The game revolves around the legendary gems, at least for now. That is what everyone wants and everyone is talking about.

What is the Story with Diablo Immortal’s Legendary Gems?

Legendary Gems are powerful gems that can only drop in Elder Rifts or through boxes and Battle Pass-like rewards. OF course, there are trash legendaries and the super 5-star legendary gems. In order to get a guaranteed legendary gem drop, you have to use a Legendary Crest while doing an Elder Rift. You can use 3 and up to 10 legendary crests. That sounds good. Well, no, because you can only get a handful of legendary crests per month as a free-to-play player. Therefore, the “Whales,” as they are called, are running what is called “$25 Elder Rifts”. It is where they use 10 crests each.

The trick is, that Legendary Crests are basically a loot box. While it does guarantee legendary gem drops, it does not guarantee their quality and stars. The probability of getting a 5-star gem is still exponentially low. The upgrade method of such gems is a story on its own. There is resonance, awakening, and mashing gems together, it would take a lot of money. In fact, there is one step where you will need a special stone that you can only buy at the store for Eternal Orbs. Eternal Orbs can only be bought with real cash. So as a Free to Play player, there is 0% chance you can ever upgrade your gems that way.

My Favorite Things About Diablo Immortal

The great number of activities you can do, even for a F2P player, is enormous. You can run rifts, farm Library, and Frozen Tundra, or do dungeons. You will also run into many side quests during your world farming, which offers materials, gold, and exp. The occasional PVP is also fun at times unless you come across a team of “Whales”. They will obliterate you as soon as they see you. Dungeons are a lot of fun, and at Hell 1, you can start target farming set items so you can get a feeling of progression as you go through your adventure.

My Least Favorite Thing about Diablo Immortal

Caps, caps everywhere; there is a cap on almost everything you can do to earn exp or materials or items. The battle pass has a weekly cap, embers from rifts also have a cap, and there is a cap on how many crests you can buy from the store as a F2P player. There is also a Paragon level soft cap that decreases your exp earned. While this might be a positive thing, as some players who play 24/7 won’t be able to get that far ahead of everyone else, but the rest of the caps limit the fun exponentially.