The Department of Justice is looking to speed up the deportation process by assigning immigration judges across 12 highly populated United States cities. This was confirmed by the federal agency on Friday.

The entire plan hasn’t been completed yet, but the Department of Justice is hoping to find volunteers from the immigration judges to go out and help cities that are struggling to process the high number of illegal immigrants that are going through the court system right now. The cities included in the plan right now are El Paso, Harlingen, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Imperial, Omaha, and Phoenix. It is unknown at this time whether or not more cities will be added to this list as the need arises.

These cities combined have a total 18,013 pending illegal immigration cases. The large work load has made it hard for judges to keep up, which is slowing down the system.

The new administration has used other means to speed up the process before, so this isn’t the first time that judges have been sent out for these types of services that would speed up deportation. In the earlier part of March judges were sent out to immigrant detention centers in order to assist in moving services along.

The Department of Homeland Security had released a memo last month in which they requested that judges be allowed to use “expedited deportation proceedings” for any illegal aliens that had been living in the United States for less than two years. The incentive behind this is that it would mean less court time for these specific individuals, which in turn moves everyone along faster and allows for judges to process more people.

This deportation plan serves the administrations promise that illegal immigration would be a key focus under the new presidency, which had come to an almost complete stop during the Obama administration.