Cracker Barrel has been dealing with a whole barrage of trolling from the Internet after a man named Bradley Reid Byrd posted a simple question on their Facebook page – why did you fire my wife? A lady named Emily followed up on the post asking what had happened, and Brad explained that his wife had been fired from the restaurant chain and they don’t know why. His wife had been fired on his birthday after working for the restaurant chain for about 11 years, and they were not given a reason as to why her employment was terminated. The Internet took it from there.

Every single post that Cracker Barrel puts up has been bombarded with messages demanding answers for Brad and his wife. Some of the messages have included the following:

“You know who would love to go to an Alison Krauss concert? Bra’d wife…but she can’t afford to go now, because you fired her after ELEVEN YEARS of faithful service.” – Jeramy

“There was nothing like going to my local Cracker Barrel, and seeing the smiling face of Brad’s wife. She was one of my favorite employees there.

Be me with my family. We are excited to dig into a heaping pile of pancakes…. and Brad’s wife was nowhere to be found.

I later found out that a darkness had descended upon Ye Olde Country Store… You heathens TOSSED ASIDE BRAD’S WIFE LIKE AN UNEATEN BISCUIT. How could you??


“I think whoever is in charge of social media should resign and give their job to Brad’s wife. Clearly you’re not answering the masses… Brad’s wife would” – Jackie

The restaurant has thus far pretended to ignore the stream of posts that are circulating on every single image they put up, not giving any comments on why Brad’s wife was fired. It is possible that the world may never know why Cracker Barrel fired Brad’s wife after eleven years of faithful service…