The creator of the world’s most hated font has come out to talk about the font and how it was created. Comic Sans is a computer font that almost everyone is in agreement on as being a horrible choice in terms of readability and professionalism. It has been the bane of many optimistic start-ups that use the font on their websites or brochures, and has been a long-running joke about what not to use.

Creator Vincent Connare explained that the font was intended to be appealing to kids that would be using the computer and possibly using it for reading. It was made to resemble the font that was used in comic books, hence how it got its names. He originally got the idea when he was playing with a kid’s program called Microsoft Bob. It featured a animated dog that walked out and began to talk using speech bubbles. The bubbles contained text that was written in Times New Roman, and Connare realized that this was a great opportunity to make a more enjoyable font that kids would actually enjoy reading. He began flipping through comic books and specifically remembered looking into “The Dark Night Returns” as a source of inspiration. Thus came about the creation of Comic Sans.

After the font had been included into Microsoft Word’s default fonts, a group of decriers had approached Connare and asked him to join up with them in order to ban the typeface. Connare just thought that the backlash against the font was silly and he jokingly gave them the green light to try and ban it.

Even though a lot of the world hates it, Vincent Connare is pleased with his creation and believes that it does exactly what it was intended to do – appeal to children. Beyond just that, the font has been shown to be helpful for readers that have dyslexia because the unique styling seems to make it easier to follow along and keep the letters in the proper order.

Despite the hatred, Comic Sans still has its place in the world.