Cloudflare has been trending along with other big names such as Discord. It is due to the fact that Cloudflare experienced tech problems this morning. That caused widespread disruption to plenty of online platforms and services, including Discord. Cloudflare is one of the big CDNs in today’s world. CDN stands for content delivery networks. The US-based company also provides speed optimization, security services, and denial-of-service protection to domains. Therefore, the company accounts for literally millions of customers around the world, including several major enterprises and platforms.

What Happened This Morning – Tuesday – To Cloudflare?

On Tuesday morning, the 21st of June, a vast number of online websites and services went down suddenly. That includes Feedly, Cloudflare itself, Discord, and plenty of cryptocurrency services. Ironically, the websites that people would use to check if websites are down were down themselves. They are called down detectors. Due to the huge size of the company and its operations, the entire internet felt the impact when the network went down.

In a 7.43 am update, Cloudflare announced that they are currently investigating the widespread issues with their network and/or services. The company added that the users might experience several errors as well as timeouts. That occures when they try to reach Cloudflare’s services or network. The statement also made it apparent that they will update the status page so they can clarify the scope of impact as they continue with their investigation. In an update following the statement at 7.43 am, around 30 minutes later, Cloudflare stated that they had identified the problem. They also added that they are implementing a fix.

What did Cloudflare Have to Say About the Matter?

Cloudflare described what happened as a “Critical P0” incident. It means it is a situation that is urgent and a 1st priority issue. The company also said that the issue and downtime affected its connectivity in broad regions. It led to over 500 errors. In addition, the incident affected all data plane services in the Cloudflare network.

By 8.20 am, the company stated that it had rolled out a fix and that they are monitoring the results of that fix. The fix immediately helped a lot of the websites get back online. By 9.13, the update page stated that all services became operations, and business is back to usual.

Cloudflare made it clear that the outage was not because of a cyber-attack. Instead, the company stated that a network change in some of their data centers resulted in the unavailability of portions of their network. Due to the nature of this problem, customers may have had issues reaching services, platforms, or websites that rely on Cloudflare. That occurred between 6.28 and 7.20 am UTC. Within minutes, Cloudflare had a fix in place, and it took less than an hour for the services to go back to normal. Due to how huge Cloudflare is, and the significant number of services and platforms that rely on the network, they had to solve the issue quickly. They also said it is important to know what happened, why it happened, and what they need to do to stop it from happening again.

More About Cloudflare

Cloudflare is an American company. It is DDoS mitigation and a Content Delivery Network. Cloudflare mainly acts as a reverse proxy between the Cloudflare customer’s hosting provider and the website’s visitor. Its main HQ is in San Francisco, California. In 2014, Cloudflareoffers DDoS Mitigation services for human rights groups, journalists, activists, and artists under the name “Project Galileo.”Over one-thousands organizations and users were a part of this project, as of two years ago, in 2020.