The text messages on the phones of Secret Service agents around the January attacks were erased. That includes text messages they sent and received around the time of the attack on the Capitol in 2021. That was stated by the inspector general yesterday. These statements prompted concern from the House committee that is currently carrying the investigation on the assault on the Capitol.

Texts of Secrets Services Erased Concerning the Capitol Attack

In a letter, the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general made a clear statement. The letter said that the text messages of various Secret Service members were erased. That was a part of a device replacement program, which happened even after the request by the inspector general of these phones. It was a part of his inquiry regarding the events of January 6. Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the committee, stated that he received the letter from the inspector general. In addition, he believes that it is quite concerning and that they need to get more info regarding this discrepancy.

In response to the inspector general’s statements and findings, the Secret Service disputed parts of it. It stated that they lost some of the data on some of the phones. The Secret Service claims it is a part of an already planned 3-month system migration in January of 2021. They maintained that no texts regarding the inquiry were lost during this migration. The Secret Service Agency also stated that the project was already underway even before they got the notice from the inspector general. Therefore, they didn’t maliciously erase those texts after receiving the notice to preserve the phones’ data.

Secret Service Text Messages Disclosure by Joseph V. Cuffari

Mr. Cuffari stated that the texts were erased after the investigation began. Although, the committee requested the Secret Service agency to hand in all electronic communications. He also stated that the personnel from the Secret Service declined to provide records before the lawyers reviewed them. That process caused weeks-long delays and a lot of confusion.

The Investigation of the January 6 Capitol Assault

This news came as the committee is investigating the incident involving the ex-president, Donald Trump, and the Secret Service. The incident occurred in his Suburban S.U.V. after the speech on the Ellipse ended on January 6. The previous White House aide, Cassidy Hutchison, provided her testimony. She testified before a panel stating that a top White House official informed her that Donald Trump became angry when the security detail with him refused to drive him to the Capitol.

She added that the White House chief of staff, Anthony M. Ornato, told her that he even tried to grab the car’s wheel to go to the Capitol. He did that when the security details informed him that he couldn’t go to the Capitol to join the supporters. Eventhough, they told him that some of these supporters has weapons. He also said that the president lunged at the lead Secret Service agent to get to the wheel.

On the other hand, Secret Service officials disputed some of the details in the account of the previous testimony. Although, the Secret Service officials also said that Mr. Ornato, Mr. Engel, and the driver of the S.U.V. are ready to testify again.

The committee also interviewed an officer from Washington’s Metropolitan P.D. He was a part of the president’s motorcade. He told the panel that Mr. Trump’s departure got delayed. The reason was his anger about not being allowed to join his supporters at the Capitol. He got that information from two familiar people with the officer. The officer was not inside the S.U.V. but heard the communication regarding the altercation.