Brie Larson has been trending on Twitter for various reasons. The Captain Marvel Actor, this time, is making headlines and trending on Twitter for buying controversial NFTs and joining the cast for Fast and Furious 10. The Marvel actor is currently facing backlash after its NFT purchase. The actor has revealed on her social media account that she purchased NFTS (Non-Fungible Token) from the collection of the “Flower Girls.” The collection has Varvara Alay as its designer. Such collection donates a part of the sales to a range of charities. Larson posted on her Twitter account a photo of her NFT, welcoming it to her “lil corner” of the metaverse.

Fans Respond Negatively to Brie Larson’s NFT Purchase

The fans of Captain Marvel expressed disappointment regarding that post on social media. One of the fans stated that Brie is going down a path that they can’t follow. Another Twitter follower commented on the NFT that shows a digital version of the actor drinking coffee, saying, Brie, you can get that coffee in real life. @Teddyjosh12 wrote an even harsher comment saying that the actor is trying hard to alienate her fans. They are the fans that stuck by her for years. Other tweets called Brie Larson weird, a corporate nightmare. Also, @thomas_violence made an ever harsher comment telling Brie Larson that she can get paid billions to be in movies, yet she feels compelled to debase herself to buy more. He added that the emptiness in the souls could not be filled with wealth but only with prayer.

NFTs Sever Environment-Related Criticism 

Since the induction of NFTs and following its exposure to mainstream attention, and it has been at the receiving end of criticism from environmentalists. Such criticism comes from the blockchain tech that supports these NFTs. It is pretty similar to the underlying technology that supports popular digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum,

For NFTs similar to what Brie Larson purchased and Cryptocurrencies to exist, there has to be a network of computers to power their respective blockchains. These are not any computes, as they are electricity-consuming ones. The impact of these blockchains on the environment has been well documented. According to an analysis by the University of Cambridge, it is suggested that the network consumes more energy than the entirety of the Netherlands.

Another estimate stated that selling 100 works of NFT has the same carbon footprint of 10 tonnes of CO2. That is more than a person’s per capita annual footprint in the European Union, including all trade and industry emissions. Therefore, you can see yet another reason for Brie Larson’s backlash from her NFT purchase.

Brie Larson Joins the Fast and Furious Family

In other news, the Captain Marvel actor has signed up to join the Fast and Furious Family. Thus, becoming a cast member of the Fast and Furious 10. The franchise’s biggest star, Vin Diesel, welcomed the Academy Award Winning actor into the family through an Instagram post.