Kickstarter has been known to raise money for some interesting campaigns, and there is one right now that has just raised $100,000 through the service. “Eye” is a project that allows for iPhone users to have a Android phone as a phone case attached to their device. It saves the trouble of having to duct tape an Android phone to the back of your iPhone and instead comes as one easy accessory.

The Eye will be sold for $189 and will allow users to continue using their iPhone as normal, but if they decide that they would like to use the Android interface they can flip the case over and begin using the Android device as normal. Beyond just that, the battery of the Android device can even be used to charge the battery of the iPhone device, and vice versa. This could potentially double a person’s battery time with using either of these devices.

Another interesting feature of the project is that the screen of the opposite device can be used as the rear-facing camera, allowing you to take selfies with the rear camera. It might not be necessary since most phones have a front facing camera as well, but it’s another feature for the avid photo taker.

It will also host two sim slots allowing for your phone to actually have three different phone numbers and memory locations. This could be useful for people that have a separate number for work, business, and their personal life.

Does this sound weird to you? Rightfully so! However, 2,000 backers seem to have faith in the project and have donated a lot of money to bring it to life. Anyone who participated in funding it through Kickstarter will be allowed to pick up the device at half price. At this time the project has raised over $100,000 and continues to grow as more and more support comes in. It has about a month left and has already skyrocketed past its target goal.