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Could a flying object caught on U.S. government cameras finally be evidence of alien technology? New episodes of The Proof Is Out there TONIGHT at 10/9c.

Top secret tunnels that lead to the White House? The secrets of America's monuments are discussed on TONIGHT's episode of The UnXplained.

How can several airplanes appear to defy the laws of physics? @TweetTonyHarris and his team investigates. Find the truth TONIGHT on The Proof Is Out There at 10/9c.

A pharaoh's tomb with a deadly curse. TONIGHT at 9/8c The UnXplained explores mummy mysteries. You won't want to miss it.

Is it possible the ancient Egyptians were able to preserve the soul of King Tut within his mummified remains – effectively keeping his spirit alive for thousands of years? Find out more during Friday's new episode of The UnXplained.

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