Everyone knows by now that Pixar has a knack for creating beautiful coming-of-age tales. But, on the other hand, while most of them are great to watch, only a few of them can be adorable yet touching and heartfelt like the new Pixar animated release, “Turning Red.” Turning Red is an appealing and bright animated movie, and it is surprisingly a Disney+ movie, skipping the “In Live Theatres” bit. However, the audience will undoubtedly flock to the streaming service and will warm up to this mother-daughter story. On the other hand, it certainly looks like bypassing the theatre releases makes it feel like Pixar has dropped the ball and left some green on the table.

Turning Red – Coming of Age Mother-Daughter Story

The animated movie is co-written and directed by Domee Shi. The story follows 13-years old Mei Lee, who is voiced by Rosalie Chiang. It tells her family’s story, who runs a Toronto Chinese temple. She is a young girl who is always seeking the approval of her mother, voiced by Sandra Oh. Mei has three close friends. They all share their passion for a boy group called 4 Town, and this boy band is coming to town and will perform in a concert.

However, this triggers a response that no one expected. It is the transformation of Mei into a Red Panda, which explains the movie’s title. It is a legacy of the mystical story of her family. Of course, you will quickly notice the parallels between this and the advent of her puberty. That is not all. Shi and her co-writer will lean into these parallels in a hilarious manner that everyone will appreciate and enjoy.

Turning Red A Well Perceived Movie by Different Ages

In its style and tone, Turning Red seems to resemble another Pix movie that was well-perceived by everyone. That animated movie is none other than Inside Out. Both movies managed to address the pangs of a particular age in an entertaining and vibrant package. The animated movie focuses on the internal struggles that Mei suffers from. She tries to satisfy her mother, as she starts to feel independent and exhibits signs of that. Apart from the serious message, Turning Red also focuses on some panda gags, aiming to sell plush toys to the younger audience.

The film succeeds in operating on multiple levels, like most Pixar movies. Both parents and older kids will be able to relate and enjoy it, with some added garnish of original Billie Eilish songs. Without a doubt, animation has been one of the major drivers for the streaming service Disney +. That has been the case, especially in the last two years, as viewers are always searching for content to watch while being stuck at home. On the other hand, releasing it straight to the streaming service is an odd move by Pixar, especially as theaters are opening up, and the movie is of high quality and could bring in a lot of green in theaters.