Survivor has been one of the staple reality shows on CBS. It has aired the first episode of its 42nd season. Some things changed in the new season, while a lot stayed the same. On the other hand, Probst has called the new run and season of Survivor as yet another evolution in the greatest TV social experiment. In the new season, you will follow eighteen strangers that are divided into three tribes. From the get-go, it seems that the cast is ecstatic as they can be.

Survivor Season 42 First Test for the New Tribes

For the initial test, one player from each tribe is going to race into the jungle and then untie 2 paddles from a cargo net. On the other hand, another person is going to run down to the beach to get 2 more paddles. After that, everyone will get into the boat, paddle to the buoy, and get two sticks. The tribe that will manage to get these two sticks and reach the flint will win the challenge. They will earn the boat, as well as a machete and a pot.

The twist is that the three players that go to the beach will have to make a decision. They can grab the paddles and be on their way, or they can work together to get an advantage. Hai, Dre, and Lindsay decided to go for the advantage. Therefore, they rub fake blood and mud on themselves. Then they grab the advantage and get the paddles and run back. As the three tribes paddle to the pole stations, it is a tight battle, but Rocksroy manages to win it for the Ika tribe and earn the camp essentials. Unfortunately, during the paddling, it seems that Daniel busted his. After the challenge, the medical team comes to check up on him, and it turns out he dislocated his shoulder, and they helped pop it back in place.

It is not All Challenges and Immunity Power Grabs

Jeff has visited Jackson’s tribe and said he needed to talk to him face-to-face. He said that he was an absolute home run during the casting. On the other hand, the survivors should always keep the casting updated in terms of any medical changes. Before they began shooting, he has disclosed new information, but they let him join the game, but obviously, something had come up. Jackson is the first openly Trans man to even be on the show.

His wife is a nurse, and they had gone through the discussion of getting him off lithium, as they believed it would be okay by the time the shooting began. It was not about his transition, but it was the stress of taking care of his mother. Jeff did not want to go through the specifics, but Jackson is such an open soul. He opened up and told his story. Jeff said that because of the side effects resulting from the stress, dehydration, and starvation in the game, it would be very dangerous for him to continue and that he had to go. He will surely be missed!