Seattle, WA has taken major steps as a “Sanctuary City” that has made some drastic decisions against the controversial policies put in place by our new president. Starting out by stating that the city would allow for immigrants to find safe haven in the city without fear of deportation, Seattle has now made their first steps towards fighting back against the Dakota Access Pipeline that Trump has now signed an executive order to move forward.

Seattle’s City Council Finanancial Committee made a unanimous decision with a 8 – 0 vote to divest $3 billion out of Wells Fargo due to the prominent banks participation in the funding of the Dakota Access Pipeline. A more responsible bank is going to be sought out to hold the funds, one that does not affiliate itself with DAPL.

This decision has yet to be set in stone. The Seattle City Council is scheduled to hold a full vote on the matter this upcoming Monday. If the vote passes, the city will begin looking for a new bank before pulling their money out of Wells Fargo.

There was a large group of anti-pipeline protesters that had gathered right outside of City Hall just before the meeting, with many of them speaking to members of the City Council during the allocated time for public comment.

This bill has been co-sponsored by Tim Burgess and Kshama Sawant. This bill had been heard by the finance committee in order to urge council members to cut off Seattle’s ties with Wells Fargo. Sawant gave a powerful message to council members:

“If Seattle divests from Wells Fargo, it will greatly fuel the inspiring nationwide struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline and the oil lobby. I urge Council members to support this legislation tomorrow, as part of Seattle’s fight back against Trump and the billionaire class”

Once finance council members had passed the bill there was a celebration rally held by the anti-pipeline protesters taking a stand outside of City Hall. Now the bill will need to pass the Seattle City Council in order to move forward.