Scott Hall, also known as Razor Ramon, the former WWF champion, is on life support in Georgia. That happened after he suffered a number of heart attacks throughout the weekend. It was only days after he had hip replacement surgery. Scott Gall, 63, is currently in the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, near his hometown, Marietta Atlanta. The WWE star and Hall-of-Famer suffered from three different heart attacks on Saturday following this hip replacement surgery. They were caused by blood clots that happened as complications from the surgery.

Scott Hall – A WWE/WWF Legend and a Hall-of-Famer

Scott Hall started back in the 1980 with the American Wrestling Association, which no longest exists. He reached the peak of his wrestling career as he rose to prominence in the WWE under the name Razor Ramon. He left the World Championship Wrestling Association and created the now (New World Order) faction. It includes with other legendary wrestlers, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash before he retired in 2010. It is no secret that Scott Hall has abused prescription pills and alcohol during the peak of his fame. He has admitted it and addressed it by saying that he has been to twelve rehabilitation centers.

He was born in 1958 in Maryland to a military family. In a 2017 interview, he stated that his family moved to a new place every year until he was fifteen. He added that he could not find any order in his early life, to the extent that he never unpacked, living out of boxes because of how often they moved from one place to another. Scott started pursuing his passion for wrestling when he was in his early 20s. He was mainly attracted for the entertaining lifestyle, as well as living a free life.

Scott Halls Move to Rival WCW and Vince McMahon’s Reaction

During his career, Scott Hall has left the WWE and went to its rival, the WCW. It was one of the most controversial and epic moments in wrestling history. He stated that he stopped getting the royalty checks when that happened, although the WWE CEO has paid for his rehabilitation. He noted that Vince took it personally when he left. On the other hand, he said that Vince did not want to give him money but offered to help and support him by paying for his rehab. He refused to provide him with money that he would eventually use on drugs and booze.

Scott Hall has spoken out about his addiction and said he didn’t start drinking until the mid-30s. He first started drinking when his fellow wrestlers believed him to be stuck up for refusing to party with them after their matches.

The 2-time champion has returned to the World Wrestling Entertainment back in the 200s for a few stints. He also made occasional appearances during the broadcasts since his retirement back in 2010. Scott Hall was highly loved in the industry, and many wrestlers have taken to Twitter to wish him well and called for him to tap out and get back into the match.