Samurai Jack has been off the air for about 13 years, and now it is coming back with an all new season. This will be the fifth and last season of the “Samurai Jack” series and we already have some sneak peaks into what it will entail in the released trailer.

The trailer revealed that Jack is some time in the future where his main villain has already corrupted the world. In this new place he has stopped aging. He was thrust here by Aku, and in this world he finds all sorts of new enemies that are trying to put an end to the Samurai for good. With this being the final season, that could very well be how the show draws to an end.

An interesting part of the show seems to be that there will be two Jacks. One from the current time, and the Jack that was thrust into the future. There is one part of the trailer where a younger version of Jack seems to yell at an older version where he exclaims “how much longer can you keep this up!”. This could also be some sort of internal struggle expressed to

The show will continue with the same art style that the past shows had. It does look as though they have spent more time on the environment and given it a lot more detail, and added some more vibrance to it. The older shows had a lot of red and black, but the newer versions have a much larger variety. Many of the enemies will still follow the red and black theme though since that is the colors of Aku.

The show is going to appear on Adult Swim start on March 11th. It is going to be a limited one-season only series. Once it completes, it is planned as being the end of Samurai Jack.