Martin Shkreli has a planned speech to give at Harvard University, and many of the students are not pleased. Students from the university are arranging to protest the speech in order to disrupt it. The speech is planned to take place Wednesday afternoon within the Cambridge part of campus.

Shkreli became a public figure back in 2015 due to his massive price hike on a life saving drug after buying out the previous owners. Many people began to claim that they could no longer afford the drug after the price became exponentially higher than it previously was. At one point Shkreli had been invited by congress to participate in a hearing on drug prices, but instead of providing anything helpful to the committee he instead refused to answer questions and was made to leave.

Following this incident, Shkreli also faced serious charges for security fraud. These charges were unrelated to the drug price increase but he faced a lot of scrutiny for them. He has also been banned from Twitter for harassing a female news reporter.

The speech is not being held by the university but instead it is being hosted by the Harvard Financial Analysts Club. The purpose of the event is for Shkreli to give students insight into the world of investing. Opposed to the speech is the Harvard College Global Health and Aids Coalition. They have posted a petition online for students to sign in opposition to Shkreli speaking at Harvard University. They have also put up a page on Facebook that invites other students to participate in the protest to disrupt Shkreli’s speech if he is allowed to continue with the event. They have received 122 signatures on the petition and an additional 138 students have registered to attend.

The organizers of the protest want to also encourage students that plan on attending to protest it by “audibly leaving” the event during the speech. They have also set up an alternative event for students to attend that will go over the top of price gouging prescription drugs.