Game of Thrones never fails to disappoint as they have launched their first trailer and reveal for season 7 of the popular HBO series.

Basing off of the theme “Fire and Ice” for the current book that the show is based off, the Game of Thrones Facebook page used a live feed to show off a giant block of ice that contained the release date for the first episode in the next season. The ice was melted using flamethrowers over a period of time, with the flames being encouraged by viewers typing “fire” into the comments. It was a really cool idea, despite the stream going down twice due to technical difficulties.

Before this live stream preview there was a poster that the show had stuck up on their Facebook wall that gave a hint on the theme of the season. It flashed the Game of Thrones logo in a block of ice with small streaks of flames going around on the edges.

So far we’ve seen a lot of fire and a lot of ice, but never together. Daenary’s dragons have been wreaking havoc on one side of the world with their powerful, fiery dragon breath. On the other side of the world there has been the polar opposite with the giant wall of ice and White Walkers that have an icy aura about them. These season hints could mean that the two will finally be meeting in an event that is sure to up the action and shatter the world forever.

This next season will not be as long as the previous seasons. Instead of 10 episodes, it will only feature 7. We are now at a point that is further than the released books so this will be a twist of events that even the most avid Thrones fans will find new and refreshing.

Game of Thrones season 7 will air on July 16th, 2017.