Dragon Ball fans have been spoiled as of lately with Toei Animation’s new series Dragon Ball Super. This further expansion upon the popular series ascends to a new level with the main characters Goku and Vegeta ascending to “God” status where they have become far more powerful than ever before. New godly characters, such as Beerus the Destroyer, have raised the stakes to an all new level.

One character that hasn’t seen a lot of action since the Cell saga was Gohan, Goku’s son. This was a fan favorite character that stopped training and being a fighter once he became an adult and instead turned more into a scholar. Viewers have been wanting him to go back to his powerful self and battle with his deep hidden power, and so far have not had the opportunity to see that. Now, due to the circumstances surrounding the very existence of the universe, it seems that we may finally get to see Gohan back in action in Dragon Ball Super episode 80.

In a battle between universes, Gohan has been paired up with the Universe 9 fighter called Lavenda. Lavenda is considered to be the 2nd strongest fighter in Universe 9 and is a mischievous and creepy wolf character that uses poisons to eliminate his opponents. Gohan on the other hand hasn’t fought in quite some time and is pretty rusty. It is expected that Gohan will regain his former “Mystic form” during this battle and ascend to his former powerful self.

Despite this, many fans believe that Gohan is going to lose the fight. With Majin Buu winning the first battle, it’s anticipated that Gohan will lose the 2nd battle so that it will fall into the hands of Goku during the third and final match. Perhaps this will be the fail that Gohan needs in order to realize why he needs to start training again, and will work to become more powerful before the Tournament of Power.